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"This legend is a story about protecting your comrades and believing in others."

Long ago there was a country served by many brave knights.
One of them was the hero who rode upon his beloved horse, Pegasus.
The hero led his fellow knights in preserving peace in their country.
One day, the hero left the castle and returned to the village of his birth.
However, among the knights the hero left behind emerged those who sought to overthrow the country and usurp the throne.
With the absence of the hero, they grew conceited of their own power and started telling themselves that they were most suited to be king.
Once he heard of the knights’ plans to commit treason, the hero hurried back to the castle.
The hero appealed to them, telling them that no matter what, they should commit to their sense of justice and remember the bonds they had with the comrades they once fought together with.
His former comrades attacked the hero with their swords.
The hero was unwilling to raise his own sword against them.
Unable to fight off his comrades, he succumbed to the wounds inflicted by their swords and collapsed.

Durbe: From here on the words have eroded, it’s impossible to continue reading. What is this feeling? It’s as if I know of this legend. How is it… that… could it be that I have been here before? 
Protect your comrades. Protect Hope, Yuuma! I know the next part of this legend!

At this moment, Pegasus protected his master by putting up a fight against the knights, protecting the hero at the expense of his own life.
The hero did not want to leave Pegasus behind.
On this land, the hero remained with his friend Pegasus and they took their last breath.

Astral: Mach, the Pegasus who served the hero, it’s you isn’t it?
Mach: Yes, the legend continues. 

The risks the hero and Pegasus took struck a note in the hearts of the knights; ashamed of themselves, their notions of treason disappeared.
They gave the hero and Pegasus a proper burial with their bare hands, hanging their heads low as they knelt in front of the grave.
Finally, the souls of the hero and Pegasus were called into the heavens.

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